Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I may have gotten a tad carried away...

So I've been on uni break since last tuesday. I've also been pretending since last tuesday that the three assignments I have due when I get back don't exist. I'll worry about them later. I mean, worry about what later? I don't have anything to worry about. lol.

Anywho. I've worked for (at least a few hours) 9 out of the last 10 days. Which is why I haven't really posted in a while. Not because I've been so overly busy that I haven't had time, but because working so much means one thing for my selection of wardrobe - black. And lots of it. Not saying I didn't work it, because I totes did (cue hair flicking), but it's not the most fun thing to blog about.

My terrible shopping habits haven't changed though.

Yeap. All this plus another package full of accessories, and two pairs of shoes, two dresses and two pairs of trousers from asos. I may just have gone a tad overboard. Talking about asos, theres a sale I need to get to. Til next time kiddos!

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