Sunday, September 4, 2011

a mixed bag.

I'm not quite sure how I'm feeling this week. Mostly the days have just been dragging, and between work and uni (I know I'm only doing one day of uni, but it's a long, draining one) and family and friends and all those other little bits and pieces that make up my life, I've just been feeling like I'm in somewhat of a rutt. I'm just so tired, and no matter what I've done with my day, I feel like I haven't really accomplished anything. Sigh.

I've been trying to save for a holiday, and had been doing fairly well until this week. On thursday small detour on the way home from uni left me $100 out of pocket (but 6 dresses and a skirt richer). And then yesterday, my boyfriend, out of nowhere asked if I wanted to go to (cue singing) Trade Secret. And yes, he did actually sing that bit. I shrugged and agreed (I needed to buy a father's day present anyway). $300 later, I walked out with more presents for myself than anything (Urban originals bags & wallets, maxi skirts, dresses, plain white tees - that sort of thing). However, even he noticed something a bit off with me - asking why I looked so depressed despite part-taking in my favourite past time. I sighed and told him I was in a rutt. He said that maybe I needed a fresh start, and that we should just agree to break it off. I shook my head a laughed at his dorkiness.

Anyway, enough about that. I've been meaning to give the whole colour blocking thing a go for a while now, but hadn't quite plucked up the nerve to do so. On Thursday, I thought, what the hell. People already look at me strangely for the way I dress - may as well just go for gold. Admitedly I would have prefered to have worn heels instead of loafers, but heels aren't exactly uni-nor-laboratory-friendly. PS. I have no idea what I'm doing in that last photo, lol. Leave me alone, I'm in a rutt!

Now what else is funny is how dramatically my style changes from day to day. This is what I wore the following day. I call it Nicole-Ritchie inspired vintage boho. My partner, Alex, called it 'Grandma Clothes'. Lol.

In other news, I've found this amazing fb page called My Best Friend's Wardrobe. The girls that run it are pretty amazing - you pretty much contact them with photos & descriptions of items you want to get rid of, and they create an album called (insert your name here)'s wardrobe. People can view them, and if they want to purchase them they comment 'SOLD' on the picture. Best of all it's free to buy & sell! They've also got a pretty big fan base - with over 1000 likes on their page! Join them here. You can also view my album, Vinh's Wardrobe - it's going very well!

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