Saturday, September 17, 2011

my old uniform

There was a period of time, three years ago, when this was my uniform.

Okay, so the feathers may have replaced an oversized pendant costume necklace, and I may have been carrying a slightly different variation of tan-coloured bag, but that's about the gist of it. I was one year out of highschool, and thoroughly enjoying the freedom of wearing whatever I wanted instead of my hideous brown and yellow school uniform. Now, when maxi dresses first started appearing I openly proclaimed that this was one trend I was NOT going to follow - I remember thinking that that sort of length would make anyone look frumpy. But, as the months progressed, and, as with many trends before (and after) it, I gradually gave in (and then, in true Vinh fashion, became completely and utterly obsessed, and went overboard, buying them in every cut, colour and print I could get my hands on). Last summer (and some of winter, teamed with cardis or blazers) I practically lived in maxis - they're so effortlessly glamourous, comfortable & chic. And even though most days I now prefer them in plain colours (maybe with a bit of embellishment here & there), unseasonably warm weather, blue skies & sunshine call for a revival of the bright, bold florals, tan accessories, aviator sunnies, and denim vests of old.

This dress is one of my old faves - it's been with me from the very beginning of my maxsession (maxi obsession). I snapped it up at an insane, unpublicized Bardot sale - 100% silk. Was: $149.95. I paid: $8.99. What?! Cray-zee. Oh, and the sandals, from Just Jeans. $1. Yes, $1. You know, no biggie, just the bargain of the century.

Also, I found these amazing rings this week at a cheap little pop-up stand in the middle of the shopping centre I work in. They look soooooo much more expensive than they were. Love love love! Excuse my gross hands. I'm in desperate need of a mani/pedi.

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