Thursday, September 29, 2011

oh, asos.

I got a tad carried away on asos' 48 hour sale last night. At one point in the night I had $800 worth of stuff in my cart, but had to reason with myself - I actually called my bf and told him I felt sick, and replied 'because I'm about to spend lots of money' when he asked why. I managed to cull it down to eight items, which I felt less sick about lol.

Anywho, I had today off & used it to avoid assignments, distract Alex from doing his, veer dangerously away from my health kick (it lasted only 2 days - I skipped exercise today, and replaced it with an afternoon nap and a hideously large lunch; I'll make up for it tomorrow lol) & catch up with an old friend. I was very excited to be able to wear something coloured for the first time this week, instead of dreary & depressing black. I may have gotten a tad carried away.

Oh, and before you say anything, yes I was in my kitchen, that is my oven/microwave behind me, I do pose retardedly, and my hands are HIDEOUS. Mum said I got those hands from her, and the way they looked meant that I was going to have to work hard in life. lol. Looking forward to that one.

Oh and I LOVE my new novo wedges. We're gonna be best friends this summer, I can feel it.

And after a day of doing fuck all, I came home to a package from asos - my purchases from last week's 4am buy. I love online shopping! (my bank account, does not.) These photos don't do the items justice though (crappy night photos with bad lighting & a flash) - I'm sure you'll see more of them later on, in more flattering light...

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